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Chiropractic & Work-Related Injuries //

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Have you recently been injured while on the job? Chiropractic care is holistic and effective in treating on the job accidents!

When people think of work-related injuries, they typically are quick to overlook the most common types of injuries involved on the job. The truth is, the vast majority of injuries that occur at the workplace are often due to activities that involve repetitive overuse. This should be of concern to nearly all of us! This means that many work-related injuries aren't a matter of if, rather a matter of when.

There is still good news! These types of repetitive injuries can often be predicted and largely prevented with proactive conservative chiropractic care. Whether it's sitting at a desk, typing emails, or moving and lifting heavy objects, usually the task seems normal. However, performing these tasks consistently using poor body mechanics, or posture can lead to big problems down the road.

Although the majority of work-related injuries are minor, and take place overtime, there are times when larger, more significant injuries take place. These random and unfortunate accidents can send us to the hospital and leave us dealing with serious pain and rehabilitation. If you've been seriously injured due to an unfortunate work place accident in Gresham or Portland, find out how we at Evergreen Chiropractic can help reduce your pain, as well as promote faster healing and recovery.

How We Can Help You!

When people think of chiropractic, they typically immediately start with back and neck pain, but a lot of patients are surprised to find out that we can also reduce pain especially when related to injury throughout many other areas of the body. The holistic approach on the treatment of the whole body, as well as it's function is why chiropractors play a crucial role in the recovery of workers' compensation type injuries.

In an effort to maximize results, our patients are taken through three distinct phases of recovery that are tailored to each individuals care needs based on your injury. All treatment plans are based on test results, your past health history, an initial consultation and examination, as well as your recovery goals. We help you regain your function and fully recover by following three simple steps. First, we focus on the relief of your pain when it's bothering you the most. Second, we work to restore your function and create lifelong habits to help sustain your recovery and prevent new or worsening injuries from occurring. Lastly, by focusing on rehabilitation, which helps solidify the progress made in the first two steps. During this last step we focus on implementing life-style changes, at-home exercises, postural changes and other modifications in addition to treatment to help you stay healthy and pain-free longer.

Chiropractic and Workers' Compensation

In Oregon, all employers require some form of workers compensation insurance program to their employees. These state-mandated insurance programs provide compensation to employees when they've suffered an injury on the job. Sadly, many people who sustain an injury often never seek chiropractic care. Don't be one of those who neglect their musculoskeletal health and potentially let your symptoms worsen! If you’ve recently sustained an injury while on the job let your workers’ compensation benefits now work for you! Your insurance will cover all your necessary medical and chiropractic expenses to help treat, reduce pain and heal your injury.

If you're interested in possible chiropractic treatment for your workers compensation injury don't wait any longer! Dr. Manns specializes in treating many work-related injuries such as as repetitive over use sprains/strains, inflammation, disc herniations, low back pain, neck pain, headaches and injuries to the shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist and more. To see a comprehensive list of the type of injuries we treat Click Here!

The road to your recovery is important, call today for a FREE examination and treatment consultation with Dr. Manns. Rest assured, when you have an open workers compensation claim, you will pay NO MONEY out of pocket! Our staff is also more than happy to help verify your insurance claim and provide worry free courtesy billing.

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