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Oregon Health Plan & Chiropractic Coverage

At Evergreen Chiropractic we believe that everyone should have access to the healthcare they need. Which is why we accept most Oregon Health Plans! If you are not aware, Oregon Health Plan or OHP, offers free medical, dental, and healthcare coverage to individuals and families who qualify. This coverage does extent to all chiropractic treatment, and massage at our clinic!!


If you want to learn more about how you can receive $0.00 co-pay for all chiropractic manipulation, examinations, soft tissue massage, and rehabilitative exercise programs, please call our office directly or send us a message online using our contact us form.

Coordinated Care Organizations


OHP's local health plans are managed by coordinated care organizations or CCOs. Most OHP members are automatically assigned to a CCO based on their geographic location. As there are many CCOs throughout the state, it is important to verify which CCO you have been assigned too prior to receiving chiropractic care.


At this time, we are currently accepting the majority of CCOs in the Portland metro area. If you are unsure as to which CCO you have been assigned too, give us a call, or send us massage online. We would be more than happy to help you verify your plan and confirm your benefits prior to your initial office visit!

Oregon Health Plan (OHP) //

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